Napier’s private home-based nail & beauty studio with a big heart

( / sabi ) noun ~ the beauty & serenity that comes with age

Hey, I’m Fae!

Manicure diva, pedicure pro & waxing whizz. Buff that up with a creative mind, sparklin’ heart and a  retro vibe and you’ve got Sabi Studio. Awatoto’s private home-based nail & beauty studio with a decent-sized serve of heart, soul & bloody good times.

Connection, conversation & community

That’s what sets Sabi apart. Yea, I could bang on about Sabi being Napier’s top (unofficially official) nail & pedicure experience - but I’ll let the women who walk inside Sabi chat about that. 

Instead, Sabi is about so much more than manicures, pedicures & hair removal. 

Sabi is about you. The courage within and empowering you to step into yourself and shine. 

A nail, pedicure & waxing studio where every woman is welcome. Comfort & care is at my core.

From booking to visiting, you’ll feel it in your soul

Accessible hours, affordable treatments, free parking, an inclusive feel-good space, great coffee, epic yarns & the best tunes in town. Oh and yeah – a damn good nail & pedicure experience. Enhancing without compromise is what Sabi does best.

Appointment times to suit you

Yip, that’s right. Sabi Studio isn’t your traditional 9-5 Hi / Bye salon. With 4 days to choose from and 3 late nights each week, there’s spaces to work in with what you’ve got goin’ on.

Studio Hours

Tuesday 12pm - 5.30pm
Wednesday 12pm - 6.30pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 7.30pm
Saturday* 10am - 3pm
*Every second Saturday of  the month

Praise from the beautiful women who amp up my street cred

“Sabi is the best in-home salon (or any salon for that matter) I’ve ever been to. The salon is warm, chic, inviting and comfortable. AND THEN THERE’S FAE! Who is the kindest, most creative human. I have been going to Fae’s salon for years. She is affordable, authentic, warm natured and so good at what she does! I definitely recommend Sabi!! 5 Stars, 5 Hearts!!” ~ NANCY

“I got a manicure and a pedicure. Beautiful space, relaxing atmosphere, friendly, great conversation / no awkward moments of silence. I felt really comfortable and well taken care of and my nails looked fantastic too.” ~ INA

“Fae is so professional. She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Her prices are awesome which means that I can go back regularly.” ~ SUE

“Amazing experience. Fae is professional, friendly and very good at what she does. I loved my pedicure. I highly recommend Sabi Salon.” ~ ANNA

Sabi Studio Nails & Waxing Price Menu


Polish $15
Mini Mani -Shape, Colour ~ 30mins $35
Gel Mani - Gel ~ 45mins $45
Gel removal/Gel Manicure ~ 1hr  $50
Overlays - Polygel ~ 1hr 30 $50 
Extensions - Polygel ~  1hr 45 $65 
Gelish Soft Gel Tips (Extensions) ~ 1hr 45 $60 
Backfill - Polygel ~ 1hr 30  $55 
Nail Art - Please add this to your booking ~ From $5
Repair per nail 15mins from $5
Fingers & Toes Combo  Gel/Polish  1hr 30mins $65 


Elim Mini Pedi - Polish & Shape ~ 45mins $35
Elim Dry Express Pedi -   Exfoliate, Gel, Moisturise ~ 45mins $45
Elim The In-Between Dry Pedi -AHA, Cuticles, Gel, Moisturise 1hr $55
 Elim Full Monty Pedi - Hot Towels, AHA, Exfoliate, Cuticles, Gel & Massage ~ 1hr 15mins  $65

Extensive Cuticle WorkConcentrating only on the nail and cuticles, removing product to then completely clean, cut the nail, help w ingrown or impacted nails, fungus removal w tincture applied Gel or polish of choice  ~ 45mins $45

  Fingers n Toes Combo - Gel/Polish 1hr 30min *from Bare Nails ($10 xtra when removing product) $65


Yumi Lash Lift & Tint ~ 1hr  $65
Lash Tint ~ 20mins $20

TRIO - Brow / Lash / Wax ~ 30mins $40

Brow Shape & Tint ~ 20mins $25
Lip n Brow wax Combo ~ 20mins $25

Full Face ~ 30mins $35
Upper Lip ~ 15mins $15
Chin ~ 15mins $15
Sideburns ~ 15mins $15
Brows ~ 15mins $15


Upper Lip or Chin or Sideburns or Brow $15.00
Full Face $35.00
Under Arm or Half Arm $25.00
Full Arm including Fingers $30.00

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021 366 206

186A Te Awa Avenue, Awatoto, Napier.

Tuesday 12pm - 5.30pm
Wednesday 12pm - 6.30pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 7.30pm
Saturday* 10am - 3pm
*Every second Saturday of the month

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